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Welcome to our forum! I hope you will make lots of new friends here! But remember, you will need to make an effort too! Don't just register and sit there... introduce yourself, make posts!

Users who make regular vists, but make no posts for a week will be permanently deleted.

NB: You will not be allowed into the topics with Rekha before you make 100 or more posts. After 100 posts you are expected to continue to ocasionally make posts, if you do not do so, your acess to the Rekha section will be removed.

Also, before being allowed into the Bollywood section which included topics on other actors and actresses, you will need to introduce yourself and make another 4 posts. I will then give you acess to the Bollywood section as soon as I can.
Rekha - The HeartThrob of Millions
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PostSubject: FAQs   FAQs EmptyMon Mar 25, 2013 4:37 pm

I decided to make these as I'm sick of getting messages off people asking me the same questions.
Before messaging me, check here and if your question is not answered, then send me a message.

This is a Rekha forum. Why is there nothing about her?
- There is. You need to make a certain number of posts to see it.

Why do I have to make so many posts to get access to Rekha's section?
- Firstly, its not that much. Its only 100.
And this rule is there because we proper members work very hard to find information and rare pics of Rekha. Its not fair if some people make no contributions, and just steal the stuff.

That's not fair. We are members too! We should be able to see the section as well!
- Yes it is fair. This is a forum. Not a website. Here you don't get things for free. If you don't like it, then goodbye.

Why can I not post pics and info from here to another forum or site or Facebook fanpage?
- We work hard to get these exclusive pics and info. If they are spread everywhere, and places with open access, then why would anybody join our forum?

After getting access to Rekha's section, do I have to keep making posts?
- Yes you do. No posts within a week, and access is withdrawn. Regaining access is difficult.

But I have nothing rare / new about Rekha to post.
- Well we don't find things easily either. If you are unwilling to search, you can bid us goodbye

I am a great fan of Rekha. I have many rare pics of her from magazines. If I promise to share them, can I get immediate access?
- No. Rules are the same for everyone. Also you are most likely lying and taking pics off Google and claiming they are rare.

I am willing to participate and share pics etc, but I do not speak English. What shall I do?
- You can message me and tell me. I will give you a different set of rules
However - do not pretend you do not know English.

I don't think your rules are fair.
- No-one else has an issue. If you don't like it, well no-one is forcing you to be here.

Can I become a moderator/admin one day? ( Might sound stupid but I seriously got someone messaging me and asking if I could make him/her a moderator Razz )
-Yes. If I think you deserve it, and you are a active, contributing member then I will promote you.

Why has my post been deleted?
- There are two reasons.
One is that I have deleted it as it contained inappropriate content.
For the other one see below/

Many of my posts have vanished. They were not inappropriate!
- Yes. We all have this ongoing problem. Nothing I can do about it. My forum is haunted.

Will deleted posts count towards my 100?
- If I have deleted it then NO.
If it has been removed due to the forum being haunted and either I, or another member has seen them and they can clarify, then YES.

Why have I been blocked?
- Because you have done one of the following
1. Complained about the number of posts needed too often
2. Posted pornographic material
3. Insulted someone

I have been deleted!
- Good. You deserved it. I only do this on a few conditions.
1. You posted links to virus filled sites
2. You keep violating the rules despite several warnings and having being blocked many times.

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