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Welcome to our forum! I hope you will make lots of new friends here! But remember, you will need to make an effort too! Don't just register and sit there... introduce yourself, make posts!

Users who make regular vists, but make no posts for a week will be permanently deleted.

NB: You will not be allowed into the topics with Rekha before you make 100 or more posts. After 100 posts you are expected to continue to ocasionally make posts, if you do not do so, your acess to the Rekha section will be removed.

Also, before being allowed into the Bollywood section which included topics on other actors and actresses, you will need to introduce yourself and make another 4 posts. I will then give you acess to the Bollywood section as soon as I can.
Rekha - The HeartThrob of Millions
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PostSubject: Re: Rules   Rules EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 2:45 pm

Right, lets get the boring stuff out of the way.
Read the following very very very carefully. And remember them. Do not break these rules.

1. No name-calling of anyone, be it a member or an actor/actress. No racism or sexism. No discrimination.
2. No watermarked images. If you have found a image already watermarked, then please say so. Also, you have no right to watermark the images unless you are the photographer or the person in the photograph.
3. No abusive language.
4. No pornography or nudity.
5. 100 posts are needed to gain access to Rekha's topics. This is quite a large amount, but for true Rekha fans, it is worth it. Posts like 'Hi' on the introduction will not be counted. It is not introducing yourself. Proper introductions count though. You may not wish to share your name, age, where you live and personal information like that. That is fine, you can tell us about your interests, hobbies and stuff like that. DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE NUMBER OF POSTS! -.-
After gaining access, if you become inactive, you will be given a warning. If you still remain inactive, you will be deleted.
6. 5 posts are needed to access the Bollywood topics.
7. Try to write in English. Don't use things like l8er instead of later, it looks messy
8. A whole post cannot be purple. Important messages and warnings will ALWAYS be purple.
9. If I delete your post, you don't moan and whinge. I will have a good reason to do so. I will give you the reason if you insist.
10. Try to be active. I know you may be busy, but don't register if you know you're going to sit there. I don't delete users though, I don't like doing it and on top of that, I cannot be bothered. You can sit there if you wish, but you will not be able to steal all the pictures and other stuff our members download onto here.
11. No links to virus filled sites .. -..-
12. No advertising of products and services. You can advertise your own forum or website.
13. If I delete you once, DO NOT COME BACK! I will do it again! I know who you are, I can see your email address and you do the same things you did last time!
14. Don't make more than one username. It is annoying
15. You may change your username once in a while. Don't do this everyday or something.
16. You can have an animated avatar. Animated signatures are also allowed but please, don't make it huge.
17. I will give only three warnings, before I get rid of you.
18. Try and stay on topic. If you find you are going right off the topic into another, just make another topic. Exceptions for this are the Dissusion sections.
19. If you want something, you must ask, you can do this via PM or make a topic
20. Photos posted here are not allowed to be posted on social networking sites, especially Facebook fan sites
21. Topics for an actor/actress/pair must start with a photo.

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